Jun 28th 2016

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Fundamentals: Infrastructure (edX)

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Learn how to administer a Windows Server computing environment and implement and manage Windows Server Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is the foundation for centralized management of an organization’s users and resources. As a Windows Server administrator, you must be able to implement AD DS.

In this computer science course, you will learn, through videos, discussions, hands-on labs and assessments, how to put in place a secure, scalable and manageable AD DS infrastructure for Windows Server users and resources.

This self-paced interactive computer science course is the first in a series of courses where you’ll have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Windows Server 2012 operating system administration.

What you'll learn:

- Windows Server installation and post-installation configuration

- The physical and logical components of AD DS, such as forests, domains, and domain controllers

- How to create and configure user, group, and computer accounts

- How to implement Group Policy Objects to enforce standard processes in your organization

- Using Windows PowerShell for common administrative tasks


- Learners should have some general understanding of Windows Server. This will ensure you have a strong foundation in Server Manager, server roles and features, DHCP, DNS, and IP addressing.

- Windows PowerShell will be the tool of choice when implementing the features in this course. Learners should have a good foundation in accessing and using simple Windows PowerShell commands.

- There are many resources available for learning the skills necessary to be successful in this course, such as Microsoft Virtual Academy.