Nov 28th 2016

Integrating Newly Arrived Migrant Students in Schools (SchoolEducationGateway)

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The course will explore the practicalities of integrating newly arrived migrant students in a school community and will look at how teachers can work at a very practical level with such students in their classrooms. The course will continue the work started by participants in course 2 of building a support infrastructure that can assist them beyond the course with guidance and resources.

By the end of the course, participants should have an understanding of different organizational models of how newly arrived migrants can be integrated into teaching and school life as well as understanding of different pedagogical models of how newly arrived migrants can be integrated into teaching and school life. Participants should also have an understanding of important requirements and strategies to support students who do not understand or speak the main language of instruction.

Participants should acquire as well practical experience on how to develop a set of concrete targets, ideas and actions to support newly arrived migrant students in their school. Will also reflect on the pedagogical strategies that work with non-native speakers in their classroom, will identify key contacts at school and local level, such as school leaders, psychologists, local councillors, parents, etc. that can support them in addressing some of the challenges that the integration of newly arrived migrants brings to the school and classroom. Last but not least will identify a set of fellow course participants who are facing similar challenges and establish informal connections with them in order to share resources and expertise and support each other after the course. Participants will also create an online or offline infrastructure that allows for regular exchanges and sharing of resources and ideas with colleagues, experts and organizations working on the integration of newly arrived migrant students.

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