Mar 9th 2015

Election 2015 for AS Level Politics (FutureLearn)

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Prepare for your exams by learning how political concepts will impact on real-life politics in the 2015 General Election.

This course is designed for students and teachers as a resource for studying the 2015 General Election. Delivered by a range of renowned politics experts, it will deepen your understanding of the election, as well as acting as an engaging revision tool.

This online course, involving short learning activities spread over a 3 week period, will help you to review the key elements of the AS level syllabus on British democracy, before applying this learning to the 2015 election. You will participate in themed sessions on the contemporary British political landscape; voter participation and dissatisfaction; and how parties and leaders campaign. Throughout the course you will be able to apply and test your knowledge in interactive activities and short quizzes.

During the course you will learn about, and have opportunities to debate, key challenges to the traditional political system, such as the emergence of parties like UKIP and the Greens, and the growing disconnect between voters and politicians. The last section of the course offers tips on how to watch the campaign, and intelligently read the polls and media commentaries.

By critically examining the key issues and debates around Election 2015 and discussing them with academic experts and your peers, this short course will provide you with an excellent resource to support your revision.