Nov 2nd 2015

Digital Arts (iversity)

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Discover your own unique channel of communication. Build creativity and innovation! If photography, video art, sound & theory based on art is your passion, then enrol in this course!

Digital Arts focus on art that engages with, uses and is impacted by the digital. This course doesn’t focus on technology but presents it as a tool to facilitate ideas, placing emphasis upon its creative and artistic use. The program encourages students to explore the possibilities and potential of technologies within an art context. It offers the opportunity to develop a project from proposal to final exhibition. You will be asked to research content, materials and methods. Written work and practical work in the course combine as an investigation of the relationship to the subject and contemporary practice.

Let's understand Digital Arts together by exploring the topics above as well as experiencing interviews and art works from well-known artists.

Throughout the course, you will learn the following:

• The work and concepts of contemporary photographic and video artists.

• To understand and articulate how meaning of images is visually communicated.

• The “language” of creative expression and how this can improve your own artistic work.

• The ability to identify and explain the basic visual and conceptual elements that are common to all works of art.

• The key contemporary photographic narratives.

YOU will learn to have direct access to the voice of the artist. The work of contemporary artists provides not only new art and ideas to introduce but also new approaches for making art.