Mar 21st 2017

Design Thinking for Leading and Learning (edX)

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A hands-on course for education leaders to learn about design thinking and explore how it can transform classroom learning and school communities. How do we prepare K-12 students and learning communities to be as successful as possible? If future jobs require creativity, problem-solving and communication, how do we teach these skills in meaningful ways? How do we bring together passionate school leaders to create systemic solutions to educational challenges? Come explore these questions and more in Design Thinking for Learning and Leading.

The course is organized into three, two-week sections that combine design thinking content with real-world education examples, as well as opportunities for participants to apply concepts in their own setting:

1. Meet Design Thinking: overview of different approaches to design thinking, understanding the importance and exploring the potential for bringing design thinking into schools; hands-on design challenge to explore the process.

2. Design Thinking in the Classroom: real-world examples of how and why PK-12 classrooms use the design thinking process to enhance student learning; hands-on design challenge to experiment with the process in your own classroom or workplace.

3. Design Thinking in Our Schools: real-world examples of how and why PK-12 institutions use the design thinking process to address systemic change; hands-on design challenge to experiment with the process in your own school community.

This course has been funded by Microsoft and is part of the Microsoft K-12 Education Leadership initiative developed to provide resources to K-12 school leaders around the world as they address the unique needs of their schools in a changing educational and technology landscape.

What you'll learn

- Process of design thinking

- Why the design thinking process is helpful for 21st century learners and schools

- How design thinking is applied in a variety of educational settings

- Ways to apply design thinking as a strategy for improving schools and systems

- How the thoughtful use of technology can support learning

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