Self Paced

Citizen Maths - Powerful Ideas in Action (Calderdale College)

Citizen Maths is for adults who want to improve their grasp of maths at what in England is referred to as Level 2, that is, the level that 16 year old school leavers are expected to achieve (although many do not). The course is structured around "powerful ideas", with the first powerful idea covered in the course launching now being proportion Proportion matters because it sits behind so many aspects of every-day maths, for example when you are sharing out costs, or altering a mixture, comparing amounts, or scaling something up or down.

Proportion should take you between 5-10 hours to complete. You can spread this time over a few weeks… or a few days. You can start this part of Citizen Maths right now. Further Powerful Ideas will be added in [Autumn or Fall] 2015.