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Teaching EFL/ESL Reading: A Task Based Approach (Coursera)

This course explores ways of teaching reading skills in English as Second and Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) using a task-based approach. You will be introduced to the concept of task and the key principles of task-based language teaching (TBLT) and learning. TBLT uses communicative tasks as the key unit for [...]
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Supporting children with difficulties in reading and writing (Coursera)

This course is for teachers to learn why some children have so much difficulty with reading and writing, often called 'dyslexia', and to learn more about best practice in teaching literacy to all in light of recent scientific discoveries. Participation in or completion of this online course will not [...]
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What future for education? (Coursera)

Through this course you will start to critically examine your own ideas about education, teaching and learning. The critique will be developed through engagement with theories and ideas developed through educational research. You will be encouraged to use these ideas to challenge or support your own ideas about education. [...]
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Blended Learning Essentials: Digitally-Enriched Apprenticeships (FutureLearn)

Sep 27th 2021
Blended Learning Essentials: Digitally-Enriched Apprenticeships (FutureLearn)
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A CPD course for apprenticeship providers looking to enhance their courses with digital technology for the modern workplace. Enhance apprentices’ experience with digital technology. Apprenticeships are changing. The UK Government has introduced new standards to ensure apprentices are receiving quality training. Discover how using digital technology can enrich your [...]
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Blended Learning Essentials: Developing Digital Skills (FutureLearn)

A course for the Vocational Education and Training sector to support the development of learners’ digital skills in the workplace. Almost every job now involves a range of digital skills, yet employers report a shortage in skilled new starters. This course will enable you, as a teacher or trainer [...]
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Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started (FutureLearn)

A free course for the Vocational Education and Training sector to promote effective practice and pedagogy in blended learning. This course is designed to help anyone teaching or supporting learning in the vocational education and training (VET) sector understand the benefits of blended learning and how to use technology [...]
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Citizen Maths - Powerful Ideas in Action (Calderdale College)

Citizen Maths is for people who want to improve their grasp of maths, and become more confident in using maths at work and in life. Maths may have passed you by at school. Or you may be rusty. Maybe you’ve passed maths exams but find it hard to apply [...]
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