Self Paced

Chinese - Mandarin MIT (WMA)

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Intro modern standard Chinese(Mandarin). Not everyone will be an absolute beginner, the course requires no prior background in Mandarin.

The course all four semesters of a 2 year program. Lessons is designed to train native English Language speakers to level 3 in Speaking, Understanding, Reading, Writing in Mandarin, plus Learning G+ Hangouts, assignments, meetups & Media streaming. Topics discussed are: introductions, greetings, Little about yourself, things around us, education daily tasks, where you live and Family. Notes in Cultural include information on the land, the religion, the people and their history, the lifestyle and social customs, your living situation, things to do and things not to do, notes for female dependents, and recommended reading.

12-16 University credits from NYU-SCPS programs @ $120/4 units.