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Adobe Creative Cloud/CS6 Production: Premiere, After Effects (WMA)

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Adobe Creative Cloud/CS6 Production Premium software is the high-performance toolset with everything you need to create productions for virtually any screen. Avoid workflow bottlenecks with tight integration between Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop; easy project exchange with other NLEs; and amazing performance optimizations including the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine.

Efficient video and audio workflows make it possible to work at the speed of your imagination. Manage footage from conception to completion with Adobe Prelude for on-set logging and ingest and Adobe SpeedGrade for color grading and finishing. Deeply integrated and efficient, Creative Cloud/CS6 Production Premium gives you tools that help your workflow.

Lesson content

Syllabus Adobe Creative Cloud & CS6

A1 Matched-action, cuts-o...

A2 Action editing to music - example

A3 Using keyframes to control audio volume

A3 How to record a narration

A3 Creating natural looking motion using keyframes and Bezier interpolation

A3 Using still images with motion effect to tell a story

A4 Using the Track Matte Key to highlight an object in motion

A4 Using nested sequences

A4 Using Speed/Duration and Time Remapping to change clip speed

A5 Creating a multi-layer...

A5 Adjusting tonality/brightness & contrast

A5 Specialized audio edits: J and L edits

A6 Adjusting Chroma: color or hue

A10-1 Giving text a reflection, shadow and surface animation

A10-2 Giving text a reflection, shadow and surface animation

A11-1 Creating an animated background for a title

A11-2 Creating an animated background for a title

Exploring the script-to-screen workflow


After Effects: 10 FREE MW3 Colour Correction Presets for MBL (AE & SV)

Film Project: Demon Cam

Element 3D Demonstration

Camera Effects: Particles

Exp: Healdsburg Gymnastics & Russian River Circus School

Changing an object's color

How to adjust color channels

How to use the YC Waveform scope

Color Correction tools

How animation works

Understanding video effects

The Sceneline vs. the Timeline

How to import video assets

Adobe CS6 Production: Exploring the key features

How to use GPU-accelerated effects

Editing Audio

Exp: Two Minute Video Editing Sampler

Exp: Molsberry Market

Overview of Premiere Pro CS6

Managing Assets

Editing Video Overview

Understanding Preferences

Trim Tool

Ripple and Rolling Edits

Cut-Away Editing Techniques

Adjusting Transitions

Generate Effects

Changing Clip Speed

Editing Wide and Tight Camera Shots

Using Keyframes

Lighting - Lightning Lens Flare

Motion Matching

Ultra Key Effect

Looping Background

Explaining Track Matte Key


Mixer Audio Effects

Noise Removal

Adobe Premiere Pro Syllabus

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