Oct 2nd 2017

Academic Integrity: Values, Skills, Action (FutureLearn)

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This course will explore academic integrity and how you can demonstrate it in your work, study and research at university. What is academic integrity? Why is it so important in academia? And how can you, as a student at university, achieve with integrity and honesty? These are some of the important questions we’ll explore over the four weeks of the course. As we do so, you will hear from the lead educator as well as the perspectives of students like you.

Specifically, each week contains videos, articles, activities and quizzes that will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful and ethical learner. There will also be opportunities for you to discuss your ideas with other students on the course and learn from their experiences and points of view.

By the end of the course, we hope you’ll come to understand the meaning of academic integrity and how to avoid academic dishonesty, misconduct and plagiarism but more importantly we hope you will also embrace the values associated with academic integrity as your own.

Additionally, and equally importantly, this course will help you develop study skills and academic writing skills needed to act in accordance with those values, and thus achieve with integrity.

What will you achieve?

- Reflect on the meaning and importance of academic integrity as well as the values associated with it

- Identify actions which constitute academic dishonesty and how to avoid it

- Explore how to use the work of others with integrity

- Develop key study skills which foster academic integrity

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