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Jason M. Stephens is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice, where he teaches courses on human learning, development and motivation. His primary line of research focuses on academic motivation and moral development during adolescence. He is particularly interested in the problem of academic dishonesty and the incongruity between moral beliefs and behaviours related to cheating, which many adolescents report experiencing. He is a co-author of two books on schooling and moral development (Educating Citizens and Creating a Culture of Academic Integrity) as well as numerous journal articles and other publications related to academic motivation, moral judgment, self-regulation, and cheating behaviour among secondary and post-secondary students. Prior to joining the Faculty of Education in May 2012, Dr Stephens was an Assistant and Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Connecticut (2004-2012).

More info: https://unidirectory.auckland.ac.nz/profile/jm-stephens

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Aug 7th 2017

This course will explore academic integrity and how you can demonstrate it in your work, study and research at university. What is academic integrity? Why is it so important in academia? And how can you, as a student at university, achieve with integrity and honesty? These are some of the important questions we’ll explore over the four weeks of the course. As we do so, you will hear from the lead educator as well as the perspectives of students like you.

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