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May 17th 2017

Equip yourself with the necessary tools to not only understand changes in your company's environment but to also prepare for and respond to them. Disruption is simultaneously the greatest threat and the biggest opportunity for any business. This course takes a structured approach to understanding and managing industry disruptions. It will provide you with the required tools and concepts required to identify and then manage disruptions by implementing targeted actions.

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Feb 13th 2017

Learn the secrets of successful startup fundraising from veteran entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Being an entrepreneur and creating a startup requires money. This money is essential to building a prototype, hiring a great team, and launching a new product or service. How do you raise money for your startup? Venture capitalists.

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Dec 5th 2016

Learn about the various ways we hear and perceive sound and how to improve technology and products for better communication. Communication acoustics include all branches of acoustics dealing with communication systems between humans, between humans and machines, and between machines (e.g. speech acoustics, electro acoustics, audio technology). The open online course introduces you to this topic giving an overview of the different branches of acoustics. The following renowned experts from each area of expertise, which are united in the TU9 alliance, combine their knowledge to communicate basic principles, and to highlight current applications in communication acoustics .

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Nov 2nd 2015

In diesem Kurs lernst du grundlegende Modelle, Theorien und Prinzipien der Betriebswirtschaftslehre. Schlüpfe in die Rolle eines Unternehmers und lerne von Grund auf, wie ein Unternehmen funktioniert.

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Jul 15th 2015

Erlerne die kaufmännische Sprache von Unternehmen! Damit kannst du Finanzberichte lesen, verstehen und interpretieren. Du kannst Entscheidungen kostenrechnerisch vorbereiten, Produkte bewerten und Kostenabweichungen analysieren.

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