Nanjing University

Founded in 1902, Nanjing University is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher learning in China. With the motto of 'Sincerity with Aspiration, Perseverance and Integrity,' this university carries the spirit of constant striving for educational and academic excellence. In the past 105 years, Nanjing University has cultivated a great number of talents, contributing greatly to the national prosperity and the revitalization of the Chinese nation.
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Translation in Practice (Coursera)

This course offers you basic but valuable techniques used by a good translator in the translation between English and Chinese. We’ll discuss what is translation, what is good translation, and learn about how to produce good translations. All the examples used in this course are taken from the course [...]

Data Processing Using Python (Coursera)

This course is mainly for non-computer majors. It starts with the basic syntax of Python, to how to acquire data in Python locally and from network, to how to present data, then to how to conduct basic and advanced statistic analysis and visualization of data, and finally to [...]

Chinese Culture and Contemporary China (Coursera)

This course of Chinese Culture and Contemporary China will explore the foundations of Chinese civilization and the dimensions of Chinese culture. It will pay particular attention to the relationship between Chinese culture and the present-day life of the Chinese people and to the different elements of the culture which [...]

计算机系统基础(一) :程序的表示、转换与链接 (Coursera)


Jewish Diaspora in Modern China (Coursera)

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Jewish Diaspora in Modern China (Coursera)
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Jewish Diaspora in China is a unique experience for world Jewry, as China is the only country in Far East that has had Jews living in its society for over 1,000 years. Documentary evidence shows that Jews started to live in China no later than the Tang Dynasty (618–907). [...]