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Music for Wellness (Coursera)

You love music. You listen to music all the time. Maybe you sing, play an instrument, or compose music. You don’t need to have musical talent to use music to enhance your well being, and even your health. Learn simple techniques to enrich your mind, body, and spirit through [...]

Fundamentals of Immunology: Dueling with the Dark Side (Coursera)

Fundamentals of Immunology, Course 4: Dueling with the Dark Side, covers the constant battle between your immune system and threats to your health. The first two lectures discuss viral and cellular pathogens, focusing on specific tactics they use to deflect immune attack. Next, a cheerier lecture describes other immune-based [...]

Case Studies in Personalized Medicine (Coursera)

Learn how advances in biomedicine hold the potential to revolutionize drug development, drug treatments, and disease prevention: where are we now, and what does the future hold? This course will present short primers in genetics and mechanisms underlying variability in drug responses. A series of case studies will [...]

Diabetes - a Global Challenge (Coursera)

Diabetes and obesity are growing health problems in rich and poor countries alike. With this course you will get updated on cutting-edge diabetes and obesity research including biological, genetic and clinical aspects as well as prevention and epidemiology of diabetes and obesity. All lectures are provided by high-profile scientists [...]

The History of Medicine: Philosophy, Science, and Psychology (Coursera)

"History of Medicine" provides an accessible historical and interdisciplinary perspective on medicine, focused primarily upon therapy and practice, to achieve better understanding of the scope, practice, and limits of medicine. Medicine is defined as the treatment of disease. Human attempts to understand and treat disease will be seen as [...]

Actualización en el manejo del paciente con diabetes mellitus tipo 2 (Coursera)

Este curso está diseñado para ofrecer información actualizada sobre el manejo del paciente con diabetes mellitus tipo 2, con la finalidad de mejorar su atención médica. El curso está dirigido a médicos y profesionales sanitarios que tienen contacto con pacientes diabéticos; con ello, se busca disminuir la morbimortalidad de [...]

Psychotherapy (

Legacy Course
Psychotherapy (
Free Course
Psychotherapy refers to the practices clinical psychologists use to treat mental disorders. While “therapy” can denote any intervention undertaken with the goal of healing someone (including medicinal treatments for physical problems), psychotherapy is specific in that it uses certain cognitive, behavioral, and emotional regulation techniques. Based on pop culture [...]