Social Network Analysis

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Graph Search, Shortest Paths, and Data Structures (Coursera)

The primary topics in this part of the specialization are: data structures (heaps, balanced search trees, hash tables, bloom filters), graph primitives (applications of breadth-first and depth-first search, connectivity, shortest paths), and their applications (ranging from deduplication to social network [...]

Social Network Analysis (Coursera)

This course is designed to quite literally ‘make a science’ out of something at the heart of society: social networks. Humans are natural network scientists, as we compute new network configurations all the time, almost unaware, when thinking about friends and family (which are particular forms of social networks), [...]

Introdução ao Big Data (Coursera)

Este curso é indicado para profissionais que desejam entender de forma fácil o que é Big Data, conhecer algumas tecnologias de Big Data, ter acesso a algumas aplicações de Analytics, Internet das Coisas - IOT e de Big Data. Ao final do curso você será capaz de participar de [...]

Applied Social Network Analysis in Python (Coursera)

This course will introduce the learner to network analysis through the NetworkX library. The course begins with an understanding of what network analysis is and motivations for why we might model phenomena as networks. The second week introduces the concept of connectivity and network robustness.. The third [...]

Population Health: Governance (Coursera)

Nov 21st 2022
Population Health: Governance (Coursera)
Course Auditing
How can we organise care in such a way that we optimize experience, quality and costs? What type of governance is needed? And how should healthcare organisations collaborate? These are central questions in this course.

Business Analytics: Diversity of Practical Applications (Coursera)

This course is designed to open the doors of the world of business analytics. Nowadays a lot of organizations make their decisions based on data-driven approach. How to make the right decision? Which methods are used in multinational companies? This course is about demonstrating the diversity of real [...]

Online Advertising & Social Media (edX)

Learn how to develop Online Advertising Ecosystems complete with Social Media/Social Network and Media Big Data analysis for better decision making in all forms of outreach. Building an online brand and outreach strategy is paramount to any social media planning and strategy. The vast amount of data, customer insights, [...]

Computational Reasoning with Microsoft Excel (edX)

Learn how to critically evaluate solutions and make well-informed decisions based on data by merging Microsoft Excel skills with philosophical critical reasoning. No prior experience with Microsoft Excel required.

Social Network Analysis: The Networks Connecting People (FutureLearn)

Explore the structure and dynamics of different types of social networks and use models to identify patterns of social influence. Learn how norms, viruses and info spread through social networks. Have you ever wondered how a tiny virus can spread across the planet, how people share false information through [...]