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Be the Startup Hero: Draper University Business Plan Competition (edX)

Self Paced
Be the Startup Hero: Draper University Business Plan Competition (edX)
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Learn to build and grow your business from the best entrepreneurs and operators in the world. Meet investors as they walk you through fundraising and diligence. Submit your pitch and business plan to win a slot at Draper University’s accelerator in Silicon Valley.
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Healthcare Entrepreneurship: Taking Ideas to Market (Coursera)

This course delves into intellectual property (IP) with an introduction into the innovation landscape within the UK and how that compares with other settings. You'll focus on how intellectual property applies to frugal innovations, compulsory licensing, and when and how to apply for intellectual property. This course teaches you [...]
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Creativity Toolkit II: Creative Collaboration (Coursera)

Creativity requires us to collaborate with others. This course is designed to make you a better creative collaborator. Creativity can require us to bring together knowledge from different areas, often known by different people. We need to foster effective collaboration rather than have those differences lead to misunderstandings and [...]
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