New Product Development

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New Product Development - develop your own new product (Coursera)

New product development is essential for the survival of many companies in the Hi-Tec sector, as well as other sectors. The percentage of sales of successful business organizations tied to the successful Introduction of new products and services is high. However, the failure rate of new products development projects [...]
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Customer Insights: Quantitative Techniques (Coursera)

This course will highlight the potential of quantitative marketing research for assessing new product opportunities. In addition to focusing on the skills and practices for a successful New Product Development (NPD), the course will illustrate the multi-faceted challenges of NPD using authentic business situations. [...]
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The 3D Printing Revolution (Coursera)

This course will demonstrate how 3D printers work, show what people make with them, and examine the 3D printing ecosystem. It will also explore the future of 3D printing and discuss how this technology will revolutionize our world. The course materials include informative video lectures, on-location interviews with a [...]
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Customer Insights: New Product Development Orientation (Coursera)

This course is the first in the Customer Insights and New Product Development (CIPD) specialization. It will introduce learners to the tools and process of gathering customer insights for identifying and developing new product opportunities. Through an integrated set of five modules and hands-on project experiences, learners will acquire [...]
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Business of Games and Entrepreneurship (Coursera)

Apr 19th 2021
Business of Games and Entrepreneurship (Coursera)
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As well as a form of art and entertainment, games are about business. Whether you want to work at a game studio, start your own business or make games as a hobby, recognizing the dynamic landscape of the videogame industry is critical to finding your place. This course will [...]
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