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Law in the Time of COVID-19: A Northwestern Teach-Out (Coursera)

The COVID-19 crisis raises a number of important legal issues. The matter of federal authority, growing principally out of the White House’s orders, looms large. The actions of governors and local authorities have been especially critical, as emergency shelter-in-place and other important regulations are directed at individuals and businesses. [...]

Software Design Threats and Mitigations (Coursera)

The design step in developing software has some unique characteristics. First of all, it’s the only step where drawing pictures of things is the norm. Why is that? What do pictures do that other representations cannot do? Pictures have varying levels of detail; pictures have [...]

Tourism and Climate Change (edX)

Join this online course and understand how tourism and climate change are inextricably connected. Strategically position yourself, and your organisation, and address the causes and challenges of climate change that we are facing now and in the future. Climate change, global warming, extreme weather, a rising sea level; we [...]

Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries (Coursera)

This course challenges you to consider how one might lift societies out of poverty while also mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. We explore the inherent complexity of developing country governments wanting to grow their economies in a climate friendly way. You will be introduced to an approach with which to [...]

Macroeconomics of Climate Change: Mitigation Strategies (edX)

Learn about comprehensive strategies for designing mitigation policies, how to analyze the impact of such policies, and considerations for scaling up carbon pricing. This online course serves as the second module of a broader Macroeconomics of Climate Change (MCCx) course. In this modular offering, you will learn comprehensive strategies [...]

Macroeconomics of Climate Change: Transitioning to Net-zero (edX)

Learn about the general investment needs for a net-zero emission transition, as well as the roadmap for decarbonization. This online course, presented by the IMF's Institute for Capacity Development and Research Department serves as the third in a six-part "Macroeconomics of Climate Change (MCCx)" series. In this offering, you [...]

Introduction to Software Side Channels and Mitigations (edX)

Side channels exist in the real world, but they also exist in computers and can be exploited directly from software. This is a substantial computer security problem today, that we need to learn about to be able to stop attacks. In this course, you will learn and practice basic [...]

Teaching Climate Change (FutureLearn)

Learn how to teach climate change to students aged 11-14 years old and engage them with the ESA Climate Detectives project. Teach the causes of climate change, and how we can mitigate global warming. On this course, you’ll learn how to successfully teach climate change to secondary school students [...]

Climate Change: Solutions (FutureLearn)

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Climate Change: Solutions (FutureLearn)
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Explore the potential solutions to climate change and how they relate to the UN's sustainable development goals. Man-made climate change is one of the biggest threats to the world. The effects are already being seen through receding glaciers, ocean acidification and an increasingly vulnerable food supply. It’s vital we [...]