Lifestyle Medicine

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Population Health: Disease Prevention and Management (edX)

Identify key socio-economic and cultural determinants of population health outcomes, analyze the impact of socio-cultural factors on access to health care and adjust health promotions and interventions accordingly.

Nutrition Science: Lifestyle Medicine (FutureLearn)

Jul 4th 2022
Nutrition Science: Lifestyle Medicine (FutureLearn)
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Discover the preventative role of diet and nutrition for lifelong health and the relationship between mood and food. Unpack the factors that promote health and wellbeing in adults. Poor diet and lifestyle choices can lead to an increased risk of some diseases, affecting our lifelong health. On this four-week [...]

Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine (edX)

Gain a basic understanding of the main components of lifestyle medicine as well as the importance of using the coach approach when counseling patients about behavior change. Lifestyle factors including poor nutrition and physical inactivity are critical determinants of health, causing a pandemic of chronic diseases, premature death and [...]