Influencing: Storytelling Change Management and Governance Specialization

The ability to influence without force or coercion is important in any organization and at all levels. Modern managers must master the art of persuasive communication, adapt to the needs of the audience, construct a good narrative and inspire the audience to act (Communicate with Impact). They must learn to design and negotiate both informal and complex agreements, and do this in diverse workplace cultures (Negotiate and Resolve Conflict).
The Specialization applies influencing methods in two areas of great importance: change management and risk governance. Successful change management eludes many individuals and organizations, so we propose a new approach to enable you to inspire and lead transformations (Manage Change). Similarly, in the post-financial crisis environment, many organizations acknowledge the need for effective risk governance but few, if any, have achieved it. We present evidence-based methods that will help your organization achieve its objectives (Engage the Board).

- Apply a range of communication strategies to a variety of contexts to build rapport, overcome resistance, and find acceptance
- Expand your knowledge of, and personal competence in, negotiation and conflict resolution
- Develop a creative and practical change capability: the discipline of influencing yourself and others to achieve a purpose
- Design risk governance structures to ensure that your organisation achieves its objectives, engaging all the relevant stakeholders

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