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Plant Bioinformatics Capstone (Coursera)

The past 15 years have been exciting ones in plant biology. Hundreds of plant genomes have been sequenced, RNA-seq has enabled transcriptome-wide expression profiling, and a proliferation of "-seq"-based methods has permitted protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions to be determined cheaply and in a high-throughput manner. These data sets in [...]

Genome Sequencing (Bioinformatics II) (Coursera)

You may have heard a lot about genome sequencing and its potential to usher in an era of personalized medicine, but what does it mean to sequence a genome? Biologists still cannot read the nucleotides of an entire genome as you would read a book from beginning to end. [...]

Genetics and Society: A Course for Educators (Coursera)

How have advances in genetics affected society? What do we need to know to make ethical decisions about genetic technologies? This course includes the study of cloning, genetic enhancement, and ownership of genetic information. Course participants will acquire the tools to explore the ethics of modern genetics and learn [...]

Genetica (Federica Web Learning)

ll corso di Genetica presenta una descrizione storica delle scoperte chiave condotte nel secolo scorso che hanno portato ai moderni concetti di gene e di genoma, con particolare enfasi sul metodo scientifico.

Bioinformatique : algorithmes et génomes (FUN)

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Bioinformatique : algorithmes et génomes (FUN)
Free Course
Dans ce cours, nous verrons comment l’informatique permet d’interpréter le texte des génomes. Doté d’algorithmes adaptés, mis en œuvre sous forme de programmes efficaces, l’ordinateur produit des prédictions quant à la localisation des milliers de gènes d’un organisme vivant et les fonctions que remplissent les protéines qu’ils [...]

Bioinformatics Algorithms (Stepik)

Explore the power of computing in modern biology and apply existing software tools to find recurring biological motifs within genes that are responsible for helping Mycobacterium tuberculosis go "dormant" within a host for many years before causing an active infection.