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International Entertainment and Sports Marketing (Coursera)

This course will provide learners with a fundamental understanding of the characteristics and marketing strategies related to two key global industries, sports and entertainment. The growth in both industries have been fueled by their ability to innovate via CCCI, i.e. cross-country and cross-industry expansion. There will be a graded [...]
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Easy Entertaining on a Dime, in No Time...It's Tea Time (Skillshare)

Self Paced
Easy Entertaining on a Dime, in No Time...It's Tea Time (Skillshare)
Free Course
The Tea Ladies, Lindsay & Lissa, will teach you to hostess a fabulous tea party with easy and beautiful tea treats on a budget in 30 minutes. No cooking required! Impress your friends and family. So you want to serve beautiful and delicious tea and [...]
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30 Days of TED (Canvas.net)

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, & Design—three broad subject areas that are, collectively, shaping our future. TED talks are riveting talks by remarkable people and are free to the world. This course is designed to introduce participants to the wide variety of resources available on the TED website and [...]
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