Computer Networking

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An Introduction to Computer Networking for Teachers (FutureLearn)

Build your knowledge and understanding of computer networks as a computer science teacher. Learn how you can create connections with computers. Explore the fundamentals of computer networking with this online course for GCSE teachers. You will improve your understanding of key concepts and gain the confidence to teach the [...]

Introduction to Computer Networking (Stanford Online)

This is a self-paced introductory course on computer networking, specifically the Internet. It focuses on explaining how the Internet works, ranging from how bits are modulated on wires and in wireless to application-level protocols like BitTorrent and HTTP.

CompTIA A+ (Cybrary)

CompTIA A+ is the best class to start with if you are looking to begin a career in IT. A+ provides a fundamental knowledge that is necessary to move up or advance in the field.

Operating Systems (

Self Paced
Operating Systems  (
Free Course
This course will introduce you to modern operating systems. We will focus on UNIX-based operating systems, though we will also learn about alternative operating systems, including Windows.