Cellular Solids




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E.g., 2016-12-06
E.g., 2016-12-06
Oct 12th 2016

Explore materials from the atomic to the continuum level, and apply your learning to mechanics and engineering problems.

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May 11th 2016

Learn how to apply models for cellular materials to natural materials such as wood, cork, monocotyledon leaves, skulls, palm and bamboo.

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Apr 6th 2016

Learn how to apply foam models to trabecular bones and osteoporosis as well as to scaffolds for tissue engineering. In this engineering course, we will explore cellular solids in medicine, including trabecular bone mechanics, the increased risk of bone fracture due to trabecular bone loss in patients with osteoporosis, the development of metal foam coatings for orthopedic implants, applying foam models to tissue engineering scaffolds and the design of a porous scaffold for tissue engineering that mimics the body's own extracellular matrix.

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Jan 27th 2016

Learn how to model the mechanical properties of honeycombs and foams and to apply the models to material selection in engineering design.

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