May 11th 2016

Cellular Solids Part 3: Applications in Nature (edX)

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Learn how to apply models for cellular materials to natural materials such as wood, cork, monocotyledon leaves, skulls, palm and bamboo.

In this engineering course, we will explore sandwich structures and cellular solids that occur in nature, and we will consider examples of engineering design inspired by natural materials.

This course should be taken with Cellular Solids 1 for a complete survey of the structure, properties, and engineering applications of cellular solids that occur in nature.

What you'll learn:

- How to apply models for honeycombs to the mechanics of wood and cork

- The behavior of natural sandwich structures such as the leaves of monocotyledon plants and animal skulls

- How to analyze the mechanics of natural cellular solids with density gradients, such as palm stems and bamboo

- Examples of engineering design inspired by natural cellular solids