Brand and Marketing Research Strategy Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
- Understand marketing concepts in detail.
- Appreciate the strategic and tactical aspects of marketing.
- Comprehend marketing research techniques.
- Discuss ethical issues in marketing research.
- Explain core concepts of branding.
- Craft an integrated brand campaign.

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Quantitative Marketing Research (edX)

Learn how to design a quantitative market research project, and implement specific methods, interpret data and come up with marketing decisions. Marketing research is crucial to marketing managers, as it helps answer crucial marketing questions using data. In this course, we introduce quantitative marketing research techniques in conjunction with [...]

Brand Management (edX)

Key brand management terminology and principles are demystified in this course. Do you want to learn the basics of brand management? Do you also want to build a strong brand? This is the course for you! This course takes you through key terminology such as brand identity, brand personality, [...]