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Fundamentos del Marketing (Coursera)

Este curso fue diseñado con el propósito de introducir a los alumnos al mundo del marketing, familiarizarlos con los conceptos y aspectos más relevantes del marketing como disciplina empresarial y permitirles relacionar y aplicar los conceptos aprendidos a situaciones reales de negocios referidas a productos, servicios y marcas. [...]

Finance For Everyone: Value (Coursera)

In Value, you will explore the most powerful generator of value in the world – ideas. Ideas are the engines of productivity, both in the private and public sectors. You will learn about the universal frameworks that determine how ideas and money interact, leading to the allocation of financial [...]

Valuation and Creating Sustainable Value (edX)

In this course, you will learn how to value a company. You will also learn how companies can create sustainable value for the business. Have you wondered how some companies have high market value or how some companies are acquired with huge valuations such as Microsoft that paid $26 [...]

Create a Value versus Complexity Matrix in Google Sheets (Coursera)

Self Paced
Create a Value versus Complexity Matrix in Google Sheets (Coursera)
Free Course
In this 2-hour long project-based course, you will create a Value versus Complexity Matrix in Google Sheets and learn how to interpret the outcomes to prioritize product features. In the process, you will review the basics of this prioritization framework as well as Google Sheets functionality such as lookup [...]

Quantitative Marketing Research (edX)

Learn how to design a quantitative market research project, and implement specific methods, interpret data and come up with marketing decisions. Marketing research is crucial to marketing managers, as it helps answer crucial marketing questions using data. In this course, we introduce quantitative marketing research techniques in conjunction with [...]