Company Valuation

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Valuation and Creating Sustainable Value (edX)

In this course, you will learn how to value a company. You will also learn how companies can create sustainable value for the business. Have you wondered how some companies have high market value or how some companies are acquired with huge valuations such as Microsoft that paid $26 [...]
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Valuación de empresas (Coursera)

En el curso valuación de empresas, el administrador financiero enfrentará una decisión financiera una vez que una empresa ha llegado al punto en que pueda expandirse y adquirir o fusionarse con otras empresas. Antes de tomar tal decisión el administrador financiero deberá evaluar las ventajas y desventajas de una [...]
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Valuing Projects and Companies (Coursera)

This course is a theoretically sound and practical exposure to valuation. As the final course of the Specialization, it will be useful to anyone in understanding, conducting or critically evaluating project and company analyses conducted by experts.
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