Biochemical Technology

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Introduction to Industrial Bioprocess Development (Coursera)

Bioprocesses make use of microorganisms, animal cells, or enzymes to manufacture new products or complete a chemical transformation. Since ancient days, humans have been using microorganisms to transform biological materials for the production of alcoholic beverages and other fermented foods. Since then, bioprocesses have been developed for an enormous [...]

Beer: the science of brewing (edX)

Ever wondered why your beer tastes the way it does? Learn how the ingredients, different biochemical reactions and process parameters in beer brewing influence the taste and aroma of beer. In this course of 12 modules, our team of academic scientists and brewmasters will introduce you to the science [...]

Cell Biology: Signaling (edX)

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Cell Biology: Signaling (edX)
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How do we know what we know about cells? Enhance your scientific thinking and data analysis skills with this in-depth adventure through cell biology. Professors Iain Cheeseman and Frank Solomon guide you through a learning experience where you will discover experiments that answered big questions and find out what [...]

Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineering: Biochemical Technology (edX)

Learn the basic principles and characteristics of biochemical technology in water and wastewater treatment engineering. Biochemical technology in water and wastewater treatment engineering is essential in the field of water treatment. In this environmental studies course you will learn the basic principles and characteristics of biochemical [...]