Jorge Morales

A leading authority in empowering human resources to improve supply chain processes, Mr. Morales' expertise is well grounded in over two decades of practical experience as a successful business analyst, consultant and educator.
Mr. Morales attended the University of Strathclyde in Scotland for his MSc, and has been invited as a visiting lecturer at Tecnologico the Monterrey and other univerities in Mexico.
He is certified as Supply Chain Manager (CSCM), RFID Supply Chain Manager (RFIDSCM), Supply Chain Technology Professional (CSCTP), Forecaster and Demand Planner (CFDP), Demand Driven Planner (CDDP) and has trained supply chain professionals throughout many Latin American countries including Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

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Demand Management in a Demand Driven Supply Chain (edX)

Learn how a Make-and-Sell organization can become Demand-Driven through sensing demand signals, analyzing consumer demand data in real time, improving short-term forecast accuracy, and articulating an effective supply network response. By the end of the course, you will also become well versed in demand shaping and automated replenishment programs [...]

Forecasting Techniques for Slow and Rapidly Changing Demand (edX)

Master quantitative, judgmental and causal models used to forecast seasonal, intermittent, and new product future demand. Choose the right forecasting method for all kinds of demand patterns and sales data. Learn how to deal with randomness and low forecastability; missing data, outliers, and overfitting. Separate forecasting myths from reality [...]

Improving Supply Chain Performance through Demand Planning (edX)

Become a Demand Planning leader, capable of implementing and improving Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) processes, to help top companies reduce inventory levels, stock-outs and inefficiencies, while increasing service levels and profitability for all [...]

Sustainable Supply Chain Operations and Technology (edX)

Master the Supply Chain processes related to reducing inefficiencies in warehousing, distribution, and transportation. Learn the importance of applying sustainable enabling tools that transform the process from end to end. Learn the connection of earlier stages of the Supply Chain to the final stages. Foster innovative & circular thinking. [...]

Sustainable Supply Chain Planning, Sourcing, and Procurement (edX)

Learn the fundamental concepts of planning, sourcing, and procurement with applied sustainable techniques. The course will begin with content on how to integrate sustainability and circularity into planning and sourcing. The course demonstrates the importance of efficiency and long-term planning to ensure the minimization of waste and the maximization [...]

Sustainable Supply Chains and Circularity (edX)

Master both Sustainability and Supply Chain terms used throughout the Industry. Learn the foundational topics and innovations required for strategic and sustainable planning ​- a course that can lead to the future acquisition of the Globally Recognized, ISCEA CSSCP (Certified Sustainable Supply Chain) Professional [...]

Supply Chain Management Tools & Techniques (edX)

Learn skills and tools that support supply chain operation, including Aggregate Planning, Sales Order Fulfillment, Lean, Sustainability and Team Dynamics ​- part of the ISCEA CSCA - Certified Supply Chain Analyst - Internationally Recognized Certificate. Supply chains are complex and keeping them both operating and improving is a great [...]

Procurement & Logistics Management (edX)

Learn fundamental concepts regarding the flow of goods and materials throughout the supply chain. Starting from procurement and continuing with logistics; including the management of inventory, transportation and facilities in the distribution network ​- part of the ISCEA CSCA - Certified Supply Chain Analyst - Internationally Recognized Certificate. [...]

Supply Chain Planning & Strategy (edX)

Master the supply chain language used throughout the industry and learn the foundational topics required for strategic and tactical planning ​- part of the ISCEA CSCA - Certified Supply Chain Analyst - Internationally Recognized Certificate. This course is designed to introduce foundational supply chain topics that are relevant to [...]