Jocelyn S. Davis

Jocelyn S. Davis serves as adjunct faculty at the University of Maryland, College Park, Project Management Center for Excellence at the Clark School of Engineering. She developed and teaches the innovative Managing Project Teams core course to graduate students and has taught a leadership elective, Evolving as Project Leader, to graduate students as well. She actively supports masters theses and doctoral dissertations in her area of expertise, creating positive workplaces.
Outside of academia, Ms. Davis began her career in public accounting with what is now Ernst & Young, and progressed to become the chief financial officer of AARP and a public sector retirement trust. She then founded Nelson Hart LLC, an organizational consulting firm. Nelson Hart worked with organizations to assess and improve workplace conditions, build management and leadership teams, support complex conflict resolution, support major organizational change efforts, and provide executive and managerial coaching services.
She has served on a number of boards of directors including the Vaccine Fund, now the GAVI Fund, an international health charity founded with grant money from the Gates Foundation. She served as a volunteer expert audit, finance and investment committee member for the American Psychological Association. She served as an independent director to the Allmerica Investment Trust. She has consulted with boards of directors of nonprofits on best practices in governance and facilitated governance changes.

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