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Management in Engineering: Strategy and Leadership (edX)

Jan 9th 2024
Management in Engineering: Strategy and Leadership (edX)
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Analyze challenging real-life business cases that engineering managers face on a variety of topics. Apply management tools and relevant skills to manage innovation. This course was formerly known as Management in Engineering II. As part of the Principles of Manufacturing MicroMasters program, this course aims to provide exposure to [...]

Data Visualization and Storytelling (edX)

Learn the skills of digital storytelling necessary to tell compelling stories with data through visualization tools. In this course, you will learn the skills necessary to tell compelling stories with data through visualization tools. You will gain a superpower allowing you to influence others through the craft of storytelling [...]

Platform Product Revival (edX)

LCNC Platforms support vital business processes, but 75% of IT implementations fail. Learn how users are the most critical and difficult part of platform success - and how to respond when “Everything is broken” and you need LCNC Platform Revival.

Big Data Analytics Using Spark (edX)

Learn how to analyze large datasets using Jupyter notebooks, MapReduce and Spark as a platform. In data science, data is called “big” if it cannot fit into the memory of a single standard laptop or workstation. The analysis of big datasets requires using a cluster of tens, hundreds or [...]

Probability and Statistics in Data Science using Python (edX)

Using Python, learn statistical and probabilistic approaches to understand and gain insights from data. The job of a data scientist is to glean knowledge from complex and noisy datasets. Reasoning about uncertainty is inherent in the analysis of noisy data. Probability and Statistics provide the mathematical foundation for such [...]

Python for Data Science (edX)

Learn to use powerful, open-source, Python tools, including Pandas, Git and Matplotlib, to manipulate, analyze, and visualize complex datasets. In the information age, data is all around us. Within this data are answers to compelling questions across many societal domains (politics, business, science, etc.). But if you had access [...]

Trustworthy AI for Healthcare Management (Coursera)

This MOOC gives an introduction to trustworthy artificial intelligence and its application in healthcare. This includes modules on basics of artificial intelligence and an introduction to trustworthy and ethical applications of artificial intelligence. A dedicated lesson will present the Z-Inspection® process for assessing trustworthy AI, and real-world case studies [...]

Intercultural Communications in the Workplace (edX)

Throughout this comprehensive course, participants will delve into the intricacies of cross-cultural interactions, examining how cultural differences impact negotiation strategies, communication styles, and relationship-building.

Determining Ways of Working for Technical Project Management (edX)

An essential aspect of managing projects successfully is to know when to use the right tools, techniques, and methodologies to achieve the goals of the project. Skilled project managers are adaptable and versatile. They are experts at working in a variety of ways, so they can adapt their methodology [...]

Mathematics and Statistics Fundamentals Proctored Exam (edX)

Test your knowledge and ability to apply the concepts and methods from the four courses included in the LSE MicroBachelors program in Mathematics and Statistics Fundamentals and take your first step towards further study at undergraduate level or upskill in high-growth careers.