Self Paced

Securing Our Nation's Future: The Urgent Need for Education Reform (Canvas net)

Of the many national security challenges facing the United States, could America’s greatest risk to a secure and prosperous future be located within its own borders? A failing American educational system threatens U.S. national security in several ways; including economic growth, competitiveness, and physical safety, according to the Council on Foreign Relations’ report, “U.S. Education and National Security.” In this self-paced course, participants will hear from national leaders and experts about these threats and why there is an urgent need for education reform.

Each module offers both video and written core content that will take no longer than an hour to complete. Additional resources are available in each module for those that want to take a deeper dive into specific topic areas. A digital badge and a certificate will be provided for course completion.

Course Objectives:

- Recognize and explain the causes of the current US education crisis, its’ impact on National Security, and the urgent need for reform.

- Communicate a clear understanding of why heightened accountability, standards, and meaningful assessments are critical education reform initiatives.

- Gain perspectives on solutions that can be adopted at the state level to strengthen education.

Topics Covered Include:

- Module One: Introduction to the Education Crisis in the US

- Module Two: The State of American Education and Ongoing Reform

- Module Three: Key Reform Efforts, Part I

- Module Four: Key Reform Efforts, Part II

- Module Five: Conclusion

Self-paced starting March 23, 2015.