Jun 8th 2016

Reinvent Yourself: Unleash Your Creativity (edX)

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A renowned innovation expert shows how to spark your creativity for career development in 5 proven steps. Leading companies look for innovative thinking in new hires and for career advancement. Yet only 1 in 4 of us feels truly creative. Time to reinvent yourself and unleash the creativity lying dormant in all of us.

Dr. Roberta Ness, featured TED speaker, author, and one of America’s leading creative thinking innovators, will guide you through her exclusive 5-step program to being an effective innovator. Learn to break free from your usual thinking pattern and start generating creative solutions to life’s challenges. Sharpen your powers of observation, make surprising associations, expand your idea space, and even master how to think backwards. Hone your creative thinking skills by solving real-world problems from business and science.

Take advantage of added benefits by purchasing a verified certificate that entitles you to individual feedback to a real-world problem of your choosing to maximize success in creating innovative solutions. The verified certificate also affords you personalized group creativity coaching with Dr. Ness following completion of the course.

The funding for this course was made possible by the UTHealth Innovation in Cancer Prevention Research Training Program (Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas grant #RP140103). The content is solely the responsibility of the creators and does not necessarily represent the views of the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas.

Students will learn how to:

- Solve a problem that calls for a new approach

- Identify habitual ways of thinking and find novel alternatives

- Use thinking tools such as analogy, reversal, expansion, narrowing, changing point-of-view

- Find the best innovative approach to solve specific problems

- Spread what you’ve learned and effectively communicate your ideas