Aug 15th 2017

Molecular Biology - Part 3: RNA Processing and Translation (edX)

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An in-depth adventure through RNA Processing and Translation. Strengthen your scientific thinking and biological experimental design skills. In Part 3 of 7.28x, you’ll explore translation of mRNA to protein, a key part of the central dogma of biology. Do you know how RNA turnover or RNA splicing affects the outcome of translation? Although not official steps in the central dogma, the mechanisms of RNA processing strongly influence gene expression.

Are you ready to go beyond the “what" of scientific information presented in textbooks and explore how scientists deduce the details of these molecular models?

Take a behind-the-scenes look at modern molecular biology, from the classic experimental events that identified the proteins and elements involved in translation and RNA splicing to cutting-edge assays that apply the power of genome sequencing. Do you feel confident in your ability to design molecular biology experiments and interpret data from them? We've designed the assessments in this course to build your experimental design and data analysis skills.

Let’s explore the limits of our current knowledge about the translation machinery and mechanisms of RNA turnover and splicing. If you are up for the challenge, join us in 7.28.3x Molecular Biology: RNA Processing and Translation.

What you'll learn

- How to compare and contrast translation in bacteria and eukaryotes

- How to describe several mechanisms of RNA turnover and RNA splicing

- How to analyze protein structures to infer functional information

- How to design the best experiment to test a hypothesis

- How to interpret data from translation and RNA processing experiments

Course Syllabus

Week 1: Translation I – Overview and Key Players

Week 2: Translation II – Elongation

Week 3: Translation III – Initiation and Termination

Week 4: Translation IV – Regulation of Translation

Week 5: RNA Splicing I – Mechanisms

Week 6: RNA Splicing II – Proofreading and Alternative Splicing

Week 7: RNA Turnover I – Assays and General Mechanisms

Week 8: RNA Turnover II – Specific Bacterial and Eukaryotic Mechanisms

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