Feb 1st 2016

Mobile Application Experiences Part 1: From a Domain to an App Idea (edX)

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Learn how to create your own mobile app using HCI principles.

Want to create the next big app, grounded in the needs of real users? This course will teach you Human Computer Interaction (HCI) methods to understand current behavior in a domain and identify opportunities for novel apps to meet gaps in current offerings. At the end of this series of courses, you will have designed, developed, and deployed your own app.

Come with a domain of interest (e.g., music, photo sharing, planning with friends, etc.) and we’ll help you fully explore that domain and land on an idea (or set of ideas) that can fit the needs of millions of people worldwide.

This course is part one of a five-part Mobile Apps series.
21W.789.1x: Mobile Application Experiences Part 1: From a Domain to an App Idea
21W.789.2x: Mobile Application Experiences Part 2: Mobile App Design
21W.789.3x: Mobile Application Experiences Part 3: Building Mobile Apps
21W.789.4x: Mobile Application Experiences Part 4: Understanding Use
21w.789.5.x: Mobile Application Experiences Part 5: Reporting Research Findings

What you'll learn:

- HCI research methods such as Contextual Inquiry, Diary Studies, Interviewing, and Field Studies

- Qualitative analysis techniques such as Grounded Theory, Affinity Analysis, and Flow Models

- An understanding of current academic research and products in your domain of interest

- How to use data from people as inspiration for new application concepts