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Love Your Money (UT Extension)

Love Your Money is a financial education program designed to provide students with the tools they need to manage money, set goals, and save and invest wisely.

The site offers an online tutorial in a student-friendly format. The course includes topics such as building wealth, budgets, credit cards, debt, 401k programs, employer benefit packages, identity theft, and more.

1. Course Description: Explore how to discover our net worth and the importance of creating a financial plan now

2. Here we cover how small spending habits can add up and what would happen if those spending habits turned into saving habits.

3. In module 3 we show how accumulating debt at this age can have long lasting effects on their financial future

4. Teaches students how to track and better manage their money by creating a spending plan

5. In module 5 we follow a student’s tragic story to illustrate that having money set aside gives you more options for coping with an emergency.

6. Module 6 explains how a 401(k) works and all that entails

7. Module 7 covers different financial fraud schemes and tells students what they can do if they have been swindled and where they can go for help