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Analizando las Políticas Económicas (Coursera)

Este curso utiliza un enfoque no técnico para analizar la forma en la que los gobiernos utilizan políticas económicas para influenciar la economía de sus países. Al finalizar el curso el participante hablará con propiedad sobre temas tan importantes como la deuda y el déficit de los países, podrá [...]
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Understanding the Australian economy: An introduction to macroeconomic and financial policies (Coursera)

Jun 14th 2021
Understanding the Australian economy: An introduction to macroeconomic and financial policies (Coursera)
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This four-week, four-module course explores selective aspects of the Australian economy, with emphasis on macroeconomic and financial policies. The course introduces participants to several key attributes of the Australian economy and discusses how they are influenced by both domestic and international forces. We will examine some of the key [...]
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Understanding economic policymaking (Coursera)

This course will employ a non-technical approach to analyze how governments use policy to influence a country's economy. Upon completing the course you should be able to discuss national debts and deficits, examine fiscal and monetary policy and their appropriateness to the situation of an economy, and anticipate the [...]
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Strategic Business Management - Macroeconomics (Coursera)

This course weds business strategy with the principles of macroeconomics. It offers valuable a powerful toolbox together with cases and lessons across all major functions of business, management, from finance, operations management, and marketing to human resource management, organizational behavior, statistics, and, of course, business [...]
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The Power of Macroeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn all of the major principles of macroeconomics normally taught in a quarter or semester course to college undergraduates or MBA students. Perhaps more importantly, you will also learn how to apply these principles to a wide variety of situations in both your personal [...]
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Public Financial Management (edX)

What is the government budget cycle? How should governments prepare policy-oriented budgets? How to hold governments accountable? Learn from an IMF team who advises on budget management and hear testimonies from ministers of finance and civil society.
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Macroeconomic Diagnostics (edX)

Through this course, learn to assess a country’s macroeconomic situation utilizing practical tools that will help you engage in day-to-day macroeconomic analysis. In this online course on Macroeconomic Diagnostics (MDSx), you will learn some applied tools that will allow you to assess the economic situation in a country. These [...]
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Modern Monetary Theory: Economics for the 21st Century (edX)

Demystify macroeconomic principles and terminology and discover how Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) provides explanations for some of the world's most troubling financial concerns.
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U.S. Public Policy: Social, Economic, and Foreign Policies (edX)

Learn about public policy in America and the dynamics of American politics. Public policy puts laws into action. The executive branch directs the combined activities of the federal government to address a multitude of problems, from the environment to the economy. The policies of the United States affect social [...]
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La sucesión mortis causa transfronteriza: aspectos de derecho internacional privado e implicaciones fiscales. (Miríada X)

Análisis teórico-práctico de la sucesión mortis causa transfronteriza desde el punto de vista de Derecho internacional privado y de Derecho Financiero y Tributario.
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