Sep 25th 2017

Introduction to a Web of Linked Data (FUN)

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Among its many evolutions, the Web became a way to exchange data between applications. Everyday we consume and produce these data through a growing variety of applications running on a growing variety of devices. This major evolution of the Web has applications in all domains of activity. This MOOC introduces the Linked Data standards and principles that provide the foundation of the Semantic web.

We divided this introduction into four parts:

- the fundamental principles of linked data on the Web

- the RDF recommendation that provides a standard data model and syntaxes to publish and link data on the Web

- an overview of the SPARQL query language that allows us to access data sources on the Web

- the standards supporting the exchange and integration of RDF data with other formats and data sources (R2RML, CSVW, JSON-LD, RDFa, GRDDL, LDP).

Each week alternates short videos and quizzes, as well as supplementary resources, to gradually progress through the different principles and standards.

Course Syllabus

Week 1: Principles of a Web of Linked Data

Week 2: The RDF Data Model

Week 3: SPARQL Query Language

Week 4:Integration with Other Data Formats and Sources

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