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Introduction to Programming (UNINETTUNO)

The main goal of this corse is to provide the student with the fundamentals on computer architecture and to introduce the C.

The module deals with the basic aspects of computer engineering, i.e., architectures, programming and simple algorithms. Programming is seen as a problem-solving approach, starting from the understanding and upgrading of existing programs. Basic programming notions are introduced, such as abstraction, abstract data types, control structures.


- Data representation. Boolean algebra, logic functions, basic notions on computer architecture

- Problem solving and algorithms: problem definition, decomposition, data and control flow, variables, constants, expressions, flow charts, elementary debugging strategies

- Fundamental programming statements in C

- Syntax and semantics of C

- Variables, types and assignments

- Iterative and conditional statements

- Basic I/O

- Functions and parameter passing

- Data structures: scalars, arrays and structure

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