Jun 1st 2016

Discover Palestine (An-Najah National University)

Discover Palestine is the first English language certified Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) about Palestinian history, archaeology, culture, and heritage.
 Discover Palestine will explore the ancient land of Palestine. We will learn about the geographical and ecological makeup of the land, the different types of agriculture and water installations that have been adopted by various groups over the centuries, as well as trade and other relations between groups. We will also learn about the art, architecture and technology of the different periods covered by this course.

From a chronological perspective, the course will cover a period of time extending from the Late Bronze Age to the earliest Islamic periods. In order to add depth to the course, therefore, it will be necessary to focus on some periods more closely than others. Students will be encouraged to deepen their learning experience by exploring some of the more superficially covered periods. If the current state of historical and archaeological research insufficiently developed to permit us to resolve a problem with confidence, we will identify the problem and lay out the evidence as fairly we can. We will also choose several possible ways of referring to areas or the people in it, explaining our choices and methods, e.g., "Palestine," "Canaanites," etc.

The course will focus on conductivities and interrelationships, how each group of people learned from others and how each succeeding period emerged from, and built on, the culture and technology of preceding periods.