Dec 5th 2016

The Diabetes Epidemic: a Patient-Centred Approach (FutureLearn)

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Understand why type 2 diabetes is becoming so prevalent, and what we can do to prevent and treat it, with this free online course. The number of people with diabetes type-2 is rising rapidly and the global health economic impact is massive. Rising rates of type 2 diabetes may relate to increasing obesity, an aging population, changes to diet and adoption of more sedentary behaviours.

There is a need to increase awareness about diabetes prevention, potential complications and treatment amongst the general public and health care providers.

This course aims to provide accessible material that emphasises the human element and self-care aspects of living with this chronic condition. It will facilitate learning through interactive media and peer discussion to enhancing knowledge around how diabetes develops, potential treatments, associated disease complications, global challenges, quality care and self-management practices.

This course is brought to you by a unique partnership between:

- The University of Dundee, a world leader in medical education, diabetes research, quality diabetes patient care and health informatics.

- NHS Scotland MyDiabetesMyWay, the award winning NHS Scotland online self-management portal for patients and carers

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