University of Law Business School

Founded in 2016, the University of Law Business School offers accredited face-to-face and online Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in the UK and internationally.
With a strong emphasis on teaching quality, innovative teaching methods and employability the Business School aims to make students ready for the workplace.

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Ethical Management and Decision Making (FutureLearn)

Get to grips with how to manage ethically with this MOOC developed by the University of Law Business School. Learn how to manage within an ethical manner. In today’s working world, the terms ‘corporate responsibility’ and ‘sustainability’ are more important than ever. Corporations and organisations are increasingly about doing [...]

Influencing and Communication Skills for Managers (FutureLearn)

Become a better manager as you discover communication strategies and influencing techniques for improved workplace communication. Examine the role of communication in management and how to influence a team. As a manager, it’s vital to understand both the importance of communication at work, as well as the drawbacks of [...]

Strategic Marketing: Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning (FutureLearn)

Learn about the concepts of segmentation, targeting, and positioning, and discover why they’re crucial to any marketing strategy. Boost your success with strategic marketing strategies. Segmentation, targeting, and positioning are crucial concepts in strategic marketing for every marketer. Find out how these actions can help you reach and connect [...]