Sungkyunkwan University - SKKU

Sungkyunkwan University was founded in 1398 as the highest national educational institute in the early years of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea.
As the oldest university in East Asia, it has fostered leaders of Korean society for over 600 years.
At present SKKU is striving to educate students with a broad knowledge base, communicative leadership and a creative challenging spirit.
As a world-class research university this is one way in which SKKU is contributing to the development of a harmonious global society.
With the support of the world-renowned global company Samsung, SKKU has become a creative and innovative center of higher education. This collaborative approach incorporates foundational knowledge, applied research, a focus on global society, and academic-industrial collaboration.
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The Korean Alphabet: An Introduction to Hangeul (Coursera)

This course introduces Korean characters,'Hangeul', and provides high-level knowledge related to Hangeul. In this course, the background of 'Hangul' is created, who made the Hangeul, and according to what principle it is systematically explained. It also introduces anecdotes related to Korean tourist destinations related to Hangeul and teaches how [...]

The Fundamental of Data-Driven Investment (Coursera)

In this course, the instructor will discuss the fundamental analysis of investment using R programming. The course will cover investment analysis topics, but at the same time, make you practice it using R programming. This course's focus is to train you to do the elemental analysis for investment management [...]

Energy Harvesting (Coursera)

Joining this course presents opportunity to learn about energy harvesting that refers to a technology that converts the energy discarded in our daily lives into useful electrical energy that we can use. As we all know, most of low-power electronics, such as remote sensors, are driven by batteries. However, [...]

Machine Learning Algorithms (Coursera)

In this course you will: understand the naïve Bayesian algorithm; understand the Support Vector Machine algorithm; understand the Decision Tree algorithm; understand the Clustering. Please make sure that you’re comfortable programming in Python and have a basic knowledge of mathematics including matrix multiplications, and conditional [...]

Machine Learning Basics (Coursera)

In this course, you will: understand the basic concepts of machine learning; understand a typical memory-based method, the K nearest neighbor method; understand linear regression; understand model analysis. Please make sure that you’re comfortable programming in Python and have a basic knowledge of mathematics including matrix multiplications, and conditional [...]

Introduction to Korean Philosophy and Culture (Coursera)

This course will give you the cultural and historical background to begin your journey into Korean philosophy, and there is no prerequisite knowledge on philosophy required. Anybody who either has an interest in Korean culture, maybe through K-Dramas or K-pop, or an interest in philosophy from a cross-cultural perspective, [...]

Using R for Regression and Machine Learning in Investment (Coursera)

In this course, the instructor will discuss various uses of regression in investment problems, and she will extend the discussion to logistic, Lasso, and Ridge regressions. At the same time, the instructor will introduce various concepts of machine learning. You can consider this course as the first step toward [...]

A Bridge to the World: Korean Language for Beginners Ⅰ (Coursera)

This course is an introductory course to Korean language that aims to cultivate basic communication skill for those that are interested in learning Korean language. The course is composed of essential expressions that are often used in everyday life, and designed to teach grammars using basic dialogues which reflect [...]

Predictive Analytics: Solving Business Problems Using Machine Learning and Big Data (FutureLearn)

Explore how predictive models can help businesses use data to identify risks and discover new opportunities. Discover how predictive analytics could transform your business As businesses accrue more and more data about their customers – from their behavioural history to their transactions – being able to use ‘Big Data’ is [...]

Introduction to Quantitative Investing (FutureLearn)

Learn basics of financial economics and try its real life application using financial data and programming. Financial markets have become increasingly complex - it’s not easy to know where to start when it comes to investing. In today’s world the demand of accurate data-driven quantitative analysis across the world [...]