Technology Entrepreneurship

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Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market (edX)

Explore how entrepreneurs build successful businesses by moving technology from lab to market. In this introductory course, developed in collaboration with the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard and the University of California San Diego, you’ll explore how entrepreneurs match promising technology with customer needs to launch successful new [...]

Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship (Coursera)

The Technology Entrepreneurship course will help students understand what Technology Entrepreneurship is and what its features are. Based on the best competencies of the course partners from Germany, Russia and Korea, the student will not only be able to go through all stages of technology entrepreneurship development on their [...]

Technology Entrepreneurship: How to Start a New Venture (FutureLearn)

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Technology Entrepreneurship: How to Start a New Venture (FutureLearn)
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Find out how to recognise, develop and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities. Start your own entrepreneurial venture. What does it mean to be entrepreneurial? Being entrepreneurial is an exciting challenge and will help make your technology-based idea a reality. In this free online course, you’ll learn from experienced technology entrepreneurs and [...]