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Sustainable Management in the Extractive Industry (FutureLearn)

Aug 14th 2023
Sustainable Management in the Extractive Industry (FutureLearn)
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Explore the importance of sustainability in the extractive industry and what the solutions along 5 key action areas are. On this six-week course, you’ll discover the most pressing issues and practical challenges faced by decision makers within the extractive industry. You’ll critically reflect on sustainability, discover best practice strategies, [...]
Aug 14th 2023
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Sustainable Urban Water Systems (POK)

Solutions for Sustainable Water Management in Resilient Smart Cities. The MOOC “Sustainable Urban Water Systems” aims to provide knowledge about modern and sustainable solutions for urban water management in water-sensitive cities. The focus is on stormwater control and water supply strategies for the mitigation of effects on the water [...]

Agua 2.0: empresas eficientes para el siglo XXI (edX)

Obtén una visión integral de la gestión sostenible de empresas prestadoras de servicios de agua y saneamiento, y descubre AquaRating: un modelo de éxito internacional para incentivar la transformación de este tipo de empresas. ¿Eres un profesional o actor activo del sector del Agua y Saneamiento? o simplemente, ¿te [...]

Natural Resources for Sustainable Development (edX)

Explore the sustainable development opportunities and challenges in using oil, gas and minerals. Natural resources represent a potentially transformational opportunity to support development but are ultimately finite How do we make the most of them without destroying the planet? In this 12-week course, produced by the Natural Resource Governance [...]

Sustainable Supply Chain Operations and Technology (edX)

Master the Supply Chain processes related to reducing inefficiencies in warehousing, distribution, and transportation. Learn the importance of applying sustainable enabling tools that transform the process from end to end. Learn the connection of earlier stages of the Supply Chain to the final stages. Foster innovative & circular thinking. [...]

Ocean Science in Action: Addressing Marine Ecosystems and Food Security in the Western Indian Ocean (FutureLearn)

Explore how innovative marine technologies can tackle the challenges of the sustainable management of marine ecosystems. Discover the new technologies that can aid marine resource management. Journey to the Western Indian Ocean alongside experts at the UK’s National Oceanography Centre to learn how we can measure and monitor the [...]