Sustainable Agribusiness MicroMasters

What you will learn:
- Agricultural Growth and Productivity Analysis
- Sustainable Agrifood Supply Chain Management
- Global Agri-food, Livestock, and Crop Systems Solution
- Agricultural Economic Modeling Tools
- Environmental and Natural Resources Economics
- Food Futures and Market

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Sustainable Agri-food Supply Chain Management (edX)

Learn how to manage a sustainable agri-food chains that operates in a manner that exploits and optimizes the synergies among environmental protection, social fairness and economic growth.

Sustainable Agri-food Marketing (edX)

This course examines the principles and practices of sustainable marketing in the agri-food industry and marketing’s role in the creation and management of relationships with customers and other stakeholders.

Global Food Futures and Agri-food Systems Solutions (edX)

Learners will analyze proposed solutions to some of the most pressing agri-food challenges and participate in creating innovative solutions to build a global food system in the face of rapidly changing climates, minimizing harm to Earth’s natural systems.