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The American South: Its Stories, Music, and Art (Coursera)

From small farms to urban neighborhoods, from the region itself to the more distant worlds of the southern diaspora, we discover the stories, music, and art of the American South.

Applied Public History: Places, People, Stories (Coursera)

Jun 20th 2022
Applied Public History: Places, People, Stories (Coursera)
Course Auditing
This course introduces learners to applied public history: understanding and interpreting the past today, and engaging diverse communities in the practice of making and sharing histories. The course draws on project case studies, expert insights and diverse perspectives to model exciting approaches to researching and sharing the history of [...]

AP® English Literature & Composition – Part 1: Stories (edX)

Enhance your ability to read and write about great literature in preparation for the AP® English Literature & Composition exam. This course prepares you to read more deeply and write more clearly about works of literature. Through an engaging collection of videos, authentic readings, and support material from a [...]