Schedule Management

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Orçamento e Cronograma de Projetos (Coursera)

Uma boa programação do projeto ajuda todos os membros da equipe a trabalhar em conjunto para atender aos objetivos do projeto. Um orçamento de projeto com restrições realistas de custos também é um fundamento essencial de qualquer projeto. Neste curso você aprenderá a planejar e manter restrições de tempo [...]

Engineering Project Management: Scope, Time and Cost Management (Coursera)

Scope, time, and cost management are at the heart of successful project management. This course will give you the tools to develop a project scope, schedule and budget and then status them to predict project performance. Throughout the course, you will learn about change management and techniques to implement [...]

Get organized with Trello Boards (Coursera)

Trello is a free collaboration tool that organizes projects into boards. We can create teams, boards, and invite our friends and family to collaborate with us on them. Imagine a white board, filled with lots of sticky notes. Here, each note represents a task included in a project. Kanban [...]

Localization: Adapting Digital Content to Local Markets (edX)

Learn what it takes to tailor digital products for international markets through localization. See how translation works in today’s industry. Find out what other steps a localization project entails and how cost, schedule and quality are managed. Want to know how to make your product relevant worldwide? Curious what [...]