Production Systems

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Quantitative Formal Modeling and Worst-Case Performance Analysis (Coursera)

Welcome to Quantitative Formal Modeling and Worst-Case Performance Analysis. In this course, you will learn about modeling and solving performance problems in a fashion popular in theoretical computer science, and generally train your abstract thinking skills. After finishing this course, you have learned to think about the behavior of [...]

Fundamentals of Operations (POK)

May 15th 2023
Fundamentals of Operations (POK)
Free Course
This course introduces the key theories, concepts, models and approaches related to Production and Logistics Systems. Operations are those processes through which companies produce and distribute products and services to their customers. They are fundamental for two main reasons: on the one hand, they impact the costs companies have [...]

Sustainable Food Security: The value of systems thinking (edX)

Learn how to solve the ‘Rubik’s cube’ of systems thinking and how it’s applied to improve the environmental sustainability of food production systems! Have you ever considered how many aspects of food production affect the natural environment? Every aspect needs to be considered in attaining the future goal to [...]

Exploring Sustainable Production Systems (FutureLearn)

Discover the importance of sustainable production systems for our natural environment, global economy, and local communities. Examine sustainable production through a social, economic, and ecological lens. Sustainable production systems are manufacturing processes that conserve natural resources and energy. They do not negatively impact the environment or the communities around [...]